In Kipawa Centre, we give platform to youth to practice and improve their various talents.
Below an outline of the talents that we welcome in our centre.


Kipawa Centre offers a dance room to youth who want to improve their dancing skills. The dance room is equipped with a mirrored wall and a sound system. Free dance workshops are given on Saturdays from 2:00PM – 4:00PM. Dancers who are interested can join the Kipawa dance team that practises during the week in the evening and Saturday afternoons.
Existing dance teams are allowed to hire the room for their rehearsals.


Kipawa Centre is equipped with a recording studio. This studio is used to record our youth but also to record commercial clients. The studio features high end equipments and a soundproof recording booth. Recording your song at Kipawa Centre will bring out the best quality.
The studio distinguishes itself from other studios in Kenya in that the only music recorded isĀ positiveĀ music. This means gospel and inspirational songs.
With our music we want to bring a chance to the music industry and share an encouraging message across the country as well as worlwide.


Kipawa Centre is the right place for youth to improve their acting skills. Scriptwriters meet here and write plays, acts and comedy about the challenges and opportunities Kenyan youth face. These acts are performed during Kipawa events and share a positive message to the audience.
We also have a YouTube channel that features talkshows about current events, street challenges and much more exiting content created by our youth.

Photography & Videography

Are you an aspiring photographer or videographer or are you just interested in learning more skills in this field? In Kipawa Centre we give short courses teaching the basics of both. We also give you the chance to experiment and grow by using our equipments while recording content for our social media channels or by organising your own photo shoots with our Kipawa models.

And much more…

Do you have a talent that is not mentioned here? At Kipawa Centre we are open for new ideas! Get in touch with us and find out how we can involve you. Contact us here.