Get Involved

Kipawa Centre runs because of volunteers. Any extra help is highly appreciated. How can you become involved in Kipawa Centre?

Come and serve at the centre for a short or long term and teach youth in areas that you are talented in. Think of dance, vocal training but also budgetting, identity and business are workshops that we are interested in!

Mission work
Can you imagine yourself living and serving in Kenya for a (couple of) year(s)? We are looking for people who can help us develop Kipawa Centre more in terms of structure and future. Help us in writing and giving Biblical teachings for youth. It is one of our goals to see Kenyan youth grow in a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. If you feel called in this mission, contact us!

Spread the word
Have you heard about us or visited us and you like what we are doing? Spread the word and become a Kipawa ambassador. You will involve yourself in setting up fundraiser activities and giving presentations about Kipawa Centre in churches, youth groups and any other interested audience.

You are willing to get involved but do not have the time to dedicate yourself. No problem, Kipawa needs people who are willing to give and support the centre so that we are able to continue with our activities.

As we reach out to the youth, we need your prayer in doing so. Pray for open hearts to receive the Gospel. Pray for opportunities where we can share God’s love. And pray that God may use Kipawa Centre to glorify and extend His Kingdom.

If you want to be involved in a specific way that is not mentioned above, or you have questions, feel free to contact us.