About Us

Welcome to Kipawa Centre!

Kipawa is Swahili and means gift/talent.

Kipawa Centre is located in the estate Donholm in Nairobi, Kenya. This estate is in the eastern side of Nairobi and is surrounded by ghettos and slums. Many youth that live here have finished their high school but after that do not have the resources to continue studying. Because of the high unemployment rate in Kenya, youth are left idling in the streets and get involved in drug and alcohol abuse and gambling.

Kipawa Centre is established to help youth in Kenya build their future.
To give them a goal in life and to help them be independent.
The centre creates a platform where youth can develop their talents.
Eventually we help youth sustain themselves by using their talents in the society.

The centre serves as a meeting point for youth from ghettos and slums in Nairobi. During our weekly meetings, youth get the chance to use their talents. A dancing-, singing-, and acting group was established.
These groups often meet to pratice and to build routines.
We hope to be able to perform with these groups in schools, concerts and in the neighbourhoods as a source of income.
We coach the youth one-on-one by providing (computer) courses.
Our work is based on our Christian belief and we expect to see this aswell in our youth. During our weekly meetings we spend time praying, worshipping and there is a short sharing from the Bible.


To mentor and equip the less privileged youth in the society by providing a platform where they can use and grow in their God given talents.


Empowered youth reaching their maximum potential through their God given talents and them influencing the society positively by using their talents

Core values

We value personal growth and relationships. Relationships between people but also between us and God. We build on personal growth and relationships by using our passion and creativity. Through our activities that involve our talents, we reach out to the community as we share a positive message to them. Building the young individuals that come to our talent centre is done through trust and discipline. Eventually we want youth to reflect on their process and see the far they have gone and work towards what they still want to achieve in life.