Be your own hero

Poem written by our Kipawa member Gift Achieng

Do you think of yourself as just a person
Are you ordinary, normal
Are you just somebody?
Because I’m not…
I’m out of the ordinary
I could say abnormal but my view is pretty normal
I’m a version of myself no one else sees but me
I’m my own hero, superhero
I smile to save others from crying
I cry to make them feel like they’re not alone
I laugh to make memories for those who really need someone around to be happy
I am happy, not for me
But for the soul out there trying to keep it together but can’t
Because this world we live in now is slowly rubbing smiles off our faces
Everyday is a struggle for each of us
And it won’t get better if we don’t make it better
Take it in your hands to spread love
Because in turn, it spreads happiness
Be the hero we all need
Including you
Be your own hero

By Achie

4 thoughts on “Be your own hero”

  1. Jakes says:

    …take it in your hands to spread love because in turn it spreads happiness…

  2. Amy says:

    This is nice

  3. Peter ohenga says:


  4. Nikki says:

    Strength builds not only you but that other person beside you, we know that right?
    This is amazing!

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